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... but you want to design your own loudspeaker?

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... your own loudspeaker?


... come into my parlor ...

1 - How we got started with this conversation
2 - An introduction to Acoustics and Hearing
3 - Acoustics and Mechanics
4 - Acoustic Measurements
5 - Electronics and Sound
  1 - The Creation
2 - Me and the Planet
3 - Reality and Meaning
4 - So, what?



.... come into my parlor said the spider ....

Reality and Meaning


Fitz:  You mean to say there is the universe and there is me?

SL:  That is exactly what it appears like to this SL character, who is apparently writing about it.
There is an apparent separation between the universe and me. Why is that?

SL:  You could also say: There is the World and there is Me.
But we usually say: There is Me and then there is the world around me.
Like "I am the center of the universe".

Fitz:  I know the feeling.

SL:  So let's talk about why we all have those feelings. 
They have to do with our perceptions of the world around us, about the realities we face in our life.

There is the World and there is Me.
There is Reality and there is the Perception of that reality by me.
Those are two things: 
1 - an objective reality, a Gestalt, which has been created, and 
2 - a subjective experience of reality, the perception of a Gestalt, which contains personal meaning.

Whatever has drawn our attention, we perceive as being personal, at least potentially.

The same event will generate different subjective experiences in different individuals. There is likely to be a large overlap between the different experiences, but everyone adds his or her own unique perspective to the experience of the common event.

Fitz:  I have observed that quite often. Fred usually claims to be correct. Amy did not hear anything, and Jeff is not so sure about it. I tend to stay open for more data before I want to draw a conclusion. Mary is moved to tears. 

But yes, we all experience the same event with some differences. Sometimes the differences are large. But sometimes we all experience the same, and we all seem to know it, and it is really special when that happens. I have often wondered, what caused it? What is being communicated to everyone? 

For instance two days ago at the SF Symphony, the pianist in Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto got many standing and rousing ovations for her performance. Clearly her mastery of the piano, her depth of expression and feeling were apparent to nearly everyone in the audience, so it appeared. 

SL:  Do a little experiment with me. It has several steps and I invite you to pay close attention to what you are doing and thinking as you go through, or live through this experiment. The experiment is about your perception and any conclusions, or meanings that you draw from it, and what you might do as a result of having had this experience.

Fitz:  I am interested and I will try to pay attention. Can you give me some hints?

SL:  It's wonderful that you are interested. The only hint that I will give you, is that you will go to a different website, where you will be able to remotely control a video camera, which you can move to look left, right, up, down, zoom in and zoom out. Very importantly, the camera also has several labeled Presets, or directions of view.

Note what draws your attention and what thoughts come to your mind. Which feelings, emotions? What would you like to do? Draw a map? Any memories, associations? etc.

Do not look at the comments, which I will have for you below on this page after the experiment. 

Here is a very important point:
I do not want to deprive you from having a fresh experience. I want you to have an experience that is minimally influenced by my suggestions. 

Also, resist the temptation to look at Russel's cat, until you have deeply thought about the experiment.
(But t hat's like saying: Do not notice at the pink elephant in the room.)

I am not a teacher. But this is a homework assignment. There are no failing grades. All answers are accepted, though they might be slightly off track. But you will find that out for yourself. It's your birthright!
(Who is this anyways, who looks at  my answers and sits in judgment?)

So click on the image, or the URL below the image, and begin.


URL: https://www.parksconservancy.org/visit/web-cams.html


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Russel's cat


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Perception and the Perceiver


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Attention }-- Movement --{ Perception


SL:  During the Interlude it occurred to me that the Association Model of Perception is as important to understanding life and living, as is Einstein's (e = mc2) to understanding physics.

The AMP describes how we take in the outside Reality and deduce from our perspective a Subjective Reality, which has Meaning to us in context of previous observations of Reality. We associate current input data with stored memory data, many of which are hard to access directly, and we respond accordingly: physically, mentally, emotionally and intuitively.



- Attention - Movement - Perception -

- respond, drop your resistance -

- be spontaneous -

- - - - - - - Be - - - - - - -

- you will understand and know -

- your Journey and the Map of Life -

- everyone has a story -

- - - - - - - Live - - - - - - - 






The Starry Sky Above Me 
and the Moral Law Within Me ...

Emmanuel Kant (1724-1804)






So, what?







What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself 
but what has drawn your attention
in the streams of superimposed air pressure variations 
at your eardrums

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space
Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly?

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