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LXmini+2 & LXstudio Supplies



The LXsub2 dipole woofer has outside dimensions of 13"H x 12"W x 10"D 
(330 x 305 x 254 mm) and uses the SEAS L26RO4Y long throw woofer, which is the same driver as used for LXstudio and LX521. 
Two LXsub2 woofers add articulate deep bass and rendering of spatial dimension to the LXmini speakers. 

LXmini+2 is a 3-way loudspeaker that combines the LXmini with two, compact LXsub2 dipole woofers.

It requires addition of two 50 W power amplifiers and a miniDSP 4x10HD unit to form a system that covers the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range with excellent clarity and dynamism. With an LR2 crossover at a low 60 Hz the woofers can be placed against the side walls of a room and the LXmini used as near-field monitors. Path length differences to the listener can be compensated for in the DSP unit. Dipole woofers have the advantage of less room mode excitation and thus preserve articulation in bass sounds.

LXmini+2 is a speaker that is on par with the LX521.4 in terms of frequency range, clarity, imaging, sound stage size and disappearance, albeit at lower maximum sound levels and particularly in the deep bass. The system is flexible in room placement and woofer setup, providing highly satisfying and enjoyable rendering of stereo recordings. 
LXmini+2 at Burning Amp 2016

Compared to the LXstudio the LXmini+2 has the same low frequency response but it rolls off more steeply below 20 Hz to attenuate undesired subsonic signals. Due to the compact open baffle design and the fact that only two instead of four 10" drivers are used, the acoustic output is about 10 dB less than from the LXsub4 woofer of the LXstudio. This means that the LXsub2 has to be driven 10 dB harder, i.e. the cone excursions have to be about three times larger for the same SPL as from the LXsub4. When using a 200 W/channel power amplifier this can lead to damaging excursions of the 10" driver at very low frequencies. So caution is advised. A 50 W amplifier is much safer to use and likely to clip before the driver will. But it will also not allow for maximum excursion at 60 Hz. In my system I use two channels of an AT1806 (180 W/ch) to drive the LXsub2, and start with a low volume level for playback of an unfamiliar recording, before turning up the volume and watching the driver cone for over-excursions, which also announce themselves as severe distortion. When operated with care the LXmini+2 can handle any program material at enjoyable SPL.


LXmini+2 Construction Plans

  • The LXmini+2 Construction Plans are available as PDF only and consist of two parts: LXmini Construction Plans + LXsub Construction Plans. If you already own the LXmini plans, then you only need to order the LXsub plans. The LXsub plans contain information for building LXsub2 and LXsub4 and for their integration with the LXmini by using the miniDSP 4x10 HD. I will normally email the plans within two business days after being notified by PayPal. 

  • To order the LXmini+2 plans send a $160 payment via PayPal to sl@linkwitzlab.com with subject line "LXmini+2 plans".  

  • To only order the LXsub plans send a $55 payment via PayPal to sl@linkwitzlab.com with subject line "LXsub plans".  

  • Indicate your preferred email address for the file transfer (2 or 4 MB) and give me your name and country/state for my records. 

  • You can also order by sending a Money Order, Cashier's check or personal check made out to Siegfried Linkwitz at 15 Prospect Lane, Corte Madera, CA 94925, USA. Include your email address.

  • I provide Owner Support pages for updates to the LXmini and LXsub.
    Questions for help should be posted on the OPLUG forum.  

  • Have fun, create memories!



Complete systems

After you have received the Construction Plans you may realize that you do not have the time, skill or confidence to build the speaker system yourself. Or, you may know this from the outset and want to buy a professionally assembled and finished system. Here then are licensed manufacturers, who ship worldwide:

From Germany: www.magicLX521.com for LXmini, LX521, LX521.4, LXstudio with PowerBox, PowerHouse

From USA: www.theorionspeakers.com for Orion-4, LXmini

From China: www.LinkwitzWorks.com for Pluto, LXmini

See Terms, Conditions & Blacklist to guarantee that you receive a genuine LINKWITZ LAB product.


At the "Reproduced Sound 2015" Conference of the the UK Institute of Acoustics I gave a talk "The Magic in 2-Channel Sound Reproduction - Why is it so rarely heard?"





What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself 
but what has drawn your attention
in the streams of superimposed air pressure variations 
at your eardrums

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space
Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly?

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