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    | Concept & design | Subwoofer ASP | Supplies | PLUTO


Supplies for building the PLUTO subwoofer

Some items for building the subwoofers can be bought from LINKWITZ LAB, like the two blank printed circuit boards with material list and loading chart, or the fully assembled and packaged crossover/equalizer electronics. Everything else is a DIY project. Some unfinished wooden cabinet parts may be offered by Wood Artistry in the future but probably not a complete PLUTO or PLUTO+. Unlike for the ORION there is not enough value that WA can add to justify the necessary increase in cost to you. Without such increase it would not be a worthwhile product for them. Thus, if you need help, try to find a friend who is willing to lend you a hand. He/she might build a system for themselves at the same time. Your license to do this is the purchase of a set of PLUTO construction plans for each builder. I guarantee that you will have to look long and hard to find a commercial loudspeaker that comes even close to the PLUTO+. I say this with some embarrassment in light of my previous efforts in designing speakers. PLUTO+ is not an accident, but its performance far exceeded my expectations. 

The table gives material cost estimates for building a pair of subwoofers yourself.

  w-ASP printed circuit boards (2) with material list   $50   Inventory Sale!
  Electronic components   $90
  Cabinet   $60
  +/-12V/300mA power supply (115VAC)   $60
  Peerless 10" SLS 830668  (2)   $125
  Binding posts (4), cables (2), interconnects (4)   $60
  Plywood, screws, glue, paint, etc.   $50
  120W AT1202 stereo power amplifier    $620

  Estimated total   

  $1115 plus shipping



The w-ASP printed circuit board makes building the electronics easy. The locations of all components are labeled on the pcb and in the supplied material list. So it is a simple matching operation to insert and then to solder the components from the backside of the sturdy pcb.

The cost of one w-ASP pcb is $25    Inventory Sale!
It includes the PLUTO+ material list. 

For shipping add $10, US or international, for up to 6 boards.



Building the subwoofer electronic section of PLUTO+ on your own might be too demanding or time consuming for your taste. You have to order all components yourself. Their cost is around $200 plus $110 for the two w-ASP circuit boards. We can provide a fully assembled and tested crossover/equalizer similar to the one you see on the right. It comes with a clear polycarbonate cover for easy woofer level adjustment and woofer in/out switching.

The cost of the PLUTO+ subwoofer crossover/equalizer is $600

Shipping is $25 in the US and $50 international, also with a power supply included.




Ordering information 

Send an e-mail message with the subject "PLUTO subwoofer order" to tell me the details of your order and to provide me with shipping information.
Copy the example below between the dashed lines into an e-mail message to sl@linkwitzlab.com and correct the underlined text . 
(Drag your mouse over the text to highlight it, then COPY and PASTE into your e-mail message) 

Shipping Label:

John-Alexander Smith
345 Kensington Street
Apartment #54
New York, NY 10019

Items ordered for PLUTO subwoofer construction:

(1) - w-ASP printed circuit board ($50 each):    2        Inventory Sale!
(2) - Assembled crossover/equalizer ($600):    1
3) - 115VAC power supply ($52)*:      
(4) - 90-250VAC power supply ($75)*:    0
(5) - AT1202 stereo power amplifier ($600):    0

* Power supplies are sold only in conjunction with the assembled xo/eq and not separately.

DIY construction should only be undertaken, if you have some expertise in electronic assembly, measurement and component selection. You will have to procure several substitute electronic components. The ORION/PLUTO Users Group has been the place for help.

Subtotal    $100.00

Shipment of: 
w-ASP printed circuit boards ($10 US and $35 international)
Assembled crossover/equalizer ($25 US, $50 international) 
AT1202 power amplifier (around $45 continental US, around $100 international for 220VAC version. Inquire about exact shipment cost first.) 

Shipment total    $10.00

Total order    $110

California residents add 9% Sales Tax

PayPal fees (3% US, 4% international)    $3.30

PayPal / Money Order in the amount of:  $113.30 sent on 26 March 2016 .

Note: All material is copyrighted and for the personal, non-commercial use by the person who bought it from LINKWITZ LAB. It may not be passed on in any form for use by others. | Terms & Conditions |                   

Comments:  Anything you want to tell me

Payment options

You can pay with credit card over the Internet by using PayPal. In that case, please add a 3% payment fee (4% international) to the total cost of materials and shipping. My address for PayPal is:  sl@linkwitzlab.com .

Alternatively you can purchase and send me a Postal Money Order, International Money Order, Western Union or Thomas Cook Money Order, or a Bank (cashier's) Check drawn in $USA currency and made out to Siegfried Linkwitz. I will wait with shipment against a personal check from a US bank until my bank has cleared it. A direct transfer of money from your bank to my bank account is not feasible due to unpredictable additional fees.

Send your payment to:

15 Prospect Lane
Corte Madera, CA 94925
sl@linkwitzlab.com (for PayPal)


    | Concept & design | Subwoofer ASP | Supplies | PLUTO



What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself 
but what has drawn your attention
in the streams of superimposed air pressure variations 
at your eardrums

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space
Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly?

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